I love the costumes, I love the crunchy leaves, I love the spooky atmosphere, I love candy, I love it all!

In honor of my favorite holiday, I thought I would share some pictures of my favorite Halloweens in the past, as well as what’s been going on with me this month! Get ready for picture overload!

Halloween 2007 with Brittany. I was a cat, and she was part of a costume pair called “Sibling Rivalry.”

Halloween 2008, with my friend Sagen. I was an ostrich, and she was a rainbow.

The prettiest tree in town this year. I have been on the hunt all year for the perfect tree to take a picture of, and I finally found it. I think I might actually blow this baby up and frame it.

Orange Jell-O Jigglers, done with my kids last week. Word to the wise- if the kid acts like he’s uncomfortable when you put the Jell-O in his hand, then monitor his actions so you might catch him in the act before he squishes the Jell-O in his hand until it melts all over the freaking table. Otherwise, a fun time was had by all.

My perfect pumpkin, straight from the pumpkin patch. Is there anything more satisfying in the fall than finding one perfectly round, perfectly orange pumpkin?

I actually went to the pumpkin patch twice, once when I was baby-sitting and once when I went on a field trip with the kids. One of the boys in my class sat in my lap on the tractor ride back to the parking lot, and this was his pumpkin.

A wreath alternative that I made a few weeks ago. You can’t really see, but the frame has cobwebs in it behind the rats. It looks extremely cool in person!

Pumpkin carving!

Baking with Maddie. We attempted to make some Boo Bark, and it turned out pretty well, though not exactly as I had hoped. Then we made chocolate cupcakes with orange cream frosting, and had way too much fun making silly faces and other cute decorations with the icing. We also munched on Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses while we were baking, and holy moly those suckers are GOOD.

Halloween is drawing to a close now. My special month is nearly over, and even though it’s been a difficult one, what with car trouble and the loss of dear family members, I am still happy and thankful for the wonderful memories my friends and family and I have made together. I hope each of you is having a wonderful Halloween, too!



P.S. Make sure you pop over to The Fair Fox and wish Chelsey a Happy Birthday!


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