This Weekend in Pictures


A little frappe action.


Merri broke one of my favorite teapots, one that Aunt Wanda gave me. It broke into five giant chunks, so maybe we can fix it.

A little bubble wrap popping, because I’m a child.


A little drooling over my birthday gift from my Nanny.





I put away my Halloween decorations, but only after I spent a little time bonding with my favorite Halloween throw blanket while watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.




I rearranged my mantle after taking my Halloween things down. I am itching to decorate for Christmas, but I’ll leave my autumn things up for at least another week or two before the stockings go up.


I took about eighty-six pictures of my cats sleeping.


In cleaning the rest of my apartment, I ended up throwing a ton of junk into my dining room/office/cat room, and decided to leave it there because I am now lazy.

I decided that this chair needs a slipcover, which then prompted me to spend two hours on Pinterest while listening to Grey’s Anatomy. (I have never watched the show before, and made my way through the entire first season today. It’s not really my kind of show, but it has somehow sucked me in. So I’ll keep watching for now.)

How was your weekend?



Any thoughts?

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