Teacher Tuesday: You Win Some, You Lose Some!

Sometimes, your art projects end up being a total fail.


So, we gathered leaves off the playground and crumpled them up to make a fall collage. I drew out a leaf, then put glue on top of the drawing. The idea was for them to sprinkle the crumpled leaves on the glue, then shake off the extra leaves so the design showed. Did that work?

See for yourself.


Not exactly like we hoped. But they loved it, and they REALLY loved seeing me screech in terror at a spider that crawled out of one of their bags of leaves…. then stomp it to death and scrape my shoe over the garbage can. I am shuddering even as I write this an entire day later.

Then sometimes you do an art project that turns out so adorable that you have to share it on every social media site you possibly can!

B is for BIRD!



I absolutely love these cute little birds! I am pumped that they turned out exactly right.

Tomorrow is an “extra special” day for us. I’ll let you have a peek at the note I sent home!


Have a great day!



Any thoughts?

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