Teacher Tuesday: Letter “O” Crafts

Well, as I mentioned last Teacher Tuesday, this week is actually “L” Week and not “O” week. However, earlier today I was going back through some old pictures and realized I never shared any of the projects we did during “O” week! Yikes! So we’re going back in time and I’ll share with you about letter L next week.

I really love studying the alphabet and finding different activities for each one. I have to confess that “O” is probably one of my favorites, because it is so very easy to find fun and creative activities using that letter!

First: Octopus Wind Sock

This is one of those projects I found on the Internet somewhere, and forgot to book mark and/or print a template. So when I got to school the next day, I wanted to pinch myself. Oh well, I thought. I don’t need a template. 

So I assembled my stack of purple construction paper.

I drew seven black lines with a Sharpie long-ways (hot-dog style, if you prefer) on the paper, so that when they were cut, it would make eight tentacles. I then let my kids cut along the lines I drew, giving them a chance to practice cutting and work on their fine motor skills. (Unfortunately, this was at the beginning of the year, and so some of them cut on their papers any which way they chose, leaving us with some wonky-looking octopus tentacles.)

When each of them had finished cutting, I gave them each another piece of purple paper with a face drawn on it. This will later be rolled into a circle, so it’s better for the face to not be too large.

I decided to draw little happy faces on each octopus face, rather than attempt to correctly depict an octopus, as my art skills rival those of my students’. I then let the kids glue the tentacles to the face.

After the glue dries from this step, roll the face paper into a circle and staple. Use another strip of paper around the size of a tentacle to create a handle, and you are done!

These are a very simple and fun project! It’s a great way for the kids to practice cutting and learn to use glue.

Second: Paper Bag Owl 

I saw a picture of this in a magazine as part of a craft kit and decided that I didn’t need the kit, because it seemed pretty self-explanatory. And luckily, this is a pretty much fool-proof kid craft.


Brown paper bag

Construction Paper



I opted to cut all of the shapes out before we got started with this activity. You will need rather large circles cut out in a bright color, like the green you see in the picture above. Then you will need white circles, slightly smaller, and finally black circles, slightly smaller than the white. You will also need a large circle for the belly, and a beak. I opted to use fun colors for the eyes and belly, because brown paper bags with white, brown, and black owls didn’t seem very fun.

Anyway, the kids will probably decide that they know how to put the shapes together.

I opted to put an owl together with my children so that I could walk them through step by step. It’s easiest to put the belly on first, then glue the eyes and beak on after. I told them what order to glue things on, and helped with putting glue on the bag in the right spots, so that when the bags where standing upright all the parts would be in the right places.

Once all the glue is dry, you can open the owls up and stand the bags upright. Then crumple up some paper (I used the scrap paper from cutting out all the different parts) and stuff the bags. Last, fold the top of the bag down and staple into place.

Also, I realize now that I did not take pictures of the owls once I added wings. Rats! For this step, I simply cut out little curved pieces of paper and glued them on top of and to the side of the bellies, in this area:

This is one of my favorite crafts to do with the kids. It’s a bit time-consuming, but extraordinarily fun and easy. You’ll find that the owls will all be looking in opposite directions, and the different, unique little touches like that make this all the more fun.

Last: Paper Plate Ocean

I was very short on time this day, and so I couldn’t get pictures of each step. I apologize, dear readers.

This project is really pretty simple. I took two paper plates and cut the middle part out of one. Then I used a Sharpie to free-hand a few fish and other ocean animals, as well as some ocean plants (seaweed?) in the center of the other plate. I gave the kids those plates, and they colored in the pictures that were drawn. Then I passed out the other plates, and we glued blue cellophane to the edge of the inside of the plate. Once that glue was dry, I used a hot glue gun to attach the plates together. Make sure that the plates are facing toward each other. You are done!

That concludes our letter “O” crafts! I hope you are inspired to whip up some of these cuties in your own classroom!

Have a wonderful evening!



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