Let’s Play Catch Up: The Lovely Letter L

My apologies for being out of touch this week. I have been ultra-busy with work and getting wrapped up in Christmas festivities. Oops! 

Anyway, it’s been on my mind to share our “L” week activities. I actually had a hard time coming up with activities for this week. The obvious answer for an art project was a lion, but we already had a lion art project in our art books, and I like to do extra activities besides just the ones in our work books. 

Anyway, I finally got some inspiration from Mrs. Karen’s blog, and we ended up doing some very cute work! 

L is for Lollipop 

Be forewarned: This project can get messy! 

For this project, I cut poster board out into circles, about the size of those gigantic lollipops you can buy at the store. I then put those circles on top of construction paper (since I had no newspaper to cover the table). 

Each child got a few globs of paint on their poster board, and then I covered the entire thing with cellophane. They squished and smeared the paint around, and their hands stayed clean the entire time! Fun! 












Warning- make sure you have some newspaper on hand for this one. We managed to do fine without it, but I did end up having to clean my tables where some paint made its way off the construction paper. 

I did the next part without any assistance from my kids, and thank goodness, because it got VERY messy. I flipped each poster board-cellophane-paint creation over, removed the construction paper, and wrapped the cellophane around the back and tape/glued it shut. Stick a popsicle stick, on the back, and you are done! 



If you had a LOT of paint on your poster board (which we did), it doesn’t dry as quickly as you might prefer, and some of the paint will squish around to the back while you are trying to fasten the cellophane to the posterboard. Also, one popsicle stick might not be enough to support the weight of the lollipop, so you might have to do some quick thinking. 



So. Messy, but fun! And the mess really is only on you, the teacher, so it isn’t so bad. I would much rather my hands become a paint and glue covered mess than all twelve of my kids’ hands if I can possibly help it. 


L is for Lizard

Another easy one! 

I started by outlining a capital on green construction paper. I let each child cut out their L, and then we glued them onto another sheet of paper (we used blue, but it doesn’t really matter what color the background is). I then cut out four little lizard feet for each child, as well as a little lizard face, complete with a teeny red tongue. 

We glued the lizard feet onto the body of the lizard (the body being the letter L, of course). This was problematic because my kids glued them in very impossible places. I’m pretty sure only one or two of our lizards would have been able to actually walk. Oh, well! 

We attached the lizard faces to our lizard bodies, and those actually ended up in the right spot. Once that was done, we got to finger paint some spots onto our lizards! 



 I wish that this weren’t the only picture I have of this project. I didn’t even capture the little tongue! I apologize. 


That was all for the letter L, but now that Thanksgiving is over we have been working on some very cute Christmas projects! We’ve only made one ornament so far, but I am so excited to make more! I’ll save that post for next time, but for now, here’s a peek at our still-in-progress Christmas classroom decor! 



I love these colored Christmas lightbulbs! It was a lot of work cutting them out, stringing them up, gluing them to the string so that they wouldn’t all slide together, and so on, but I am glad that they’re finally up! They’re so cute! 


Until next time, 



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