Things I thought I hated, but actually I love.

1. Red apples.

2. Mashed potatoes.

3. Katy Perry

4. Grey’s Anatomy. 

5. Lemons.

6. The color gold.

7. Glitter.

8. White Christmas trees.

9. Coffee.

10. The color green.


Can you believe that at one point in my life, I honestly hated mashed potatoes? How am I from the South?

Have you ever drastically changed your opinion on something?



6 thoughts on “Things I thought I hated, but actually I love.

  1. I also thought I hated gold, but now it’s slowly creeping into my life. Also glitter. It gets everywhere but I love it. I used to hate asparagus and now I can’t even imagine not ever eating it. I also used to hate bananas until about 4 years ago. Cherries and pineapple too. I thought I hated both of those things, but I had only ever had canned pineapple and those nasty cherries that come in juice in jars. Gross. Fresh cherries and pineapples are so good!

    • Ever since I bought that gold OPI nail polish, I have been OBSESSED with gold! And I like canned pineapple, but only if it is EXTREMELY cold. Fresh cherries. Mmmmm.

  2. I hated Grape Soda when I was younger. And obviously, you know that’s changed. I also hated lettuce and mushrooms…. pineapples. Its crazy how much changes, isn’t it?

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