Yellow: A Love Ballad


Why yes, that’s my favorite color.

It’s cheerful.



It’s elegant.

yellow oval room


It’s beautiful.





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Yellow was not always my favorite color. In high school, it was crimson, and in college, teal. At some point in the preparation for our wedding, I realized that I had begun registering for a lot of yellow items, beginning with a throw blanket the exact warm, gentle shade of butter, that David’s wonderful Aunt Lana gave us as a shower gift.

Yellow represents hope to me. It’s the color of sunshine after the dark night. Yellow roses are frequently given to newlyweds and new mothers, full of hope and excitement for their futures. I think it’s so beautiful.

What’s your favorite color? Has your favorite color changed over the years, like mine?



2 thoughts on “Yellow: A Love Ballad

  1. When I was younger my favorite color was pink. It changed to blue as I got older. Now that I’m older, I’m too indecisive to have one favorite color so I say blue, green and teal are among my favorite colors.

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