Teapot Tuesday


Okay, honestly, I have no idea where I got this teapot. In fact, it was one that was wrapped up in a box that for some reason was in David’s closet at his parents’ house, of all places. I must have bought it while we were dating, and wrapped up a bunch of my teapots and boxed them up for safekeeping. I still don’t really know why that box would have been in David’s closet.

In any case, isn’t it sweet? It’s a pretty small one, and it sits on the dresser by the bed. I love how dainty and feminine it is.

fried chicken

And because I haven’t posted about a teapot in awhile, I’ll tell you about my brand new one! I got this at a local thrift store in town a few weeks ago. I actually went to purchase more books for my students, but there were no new books on the shelves, so I was glumly trudging for the door when I spotted a table of teapots! Even though my collection is bursting at the seams in this apartment, I can’t resist buying another every now and then. When I spotted this one, I definitely couldn’t pass it up!

I have this one in my “office” (dining room that I use as an office/craft room, that is), and it makes me laugh every time I walk past it.

And in other news, it’s looking like I’m about to mark off an item on my “25 Before 26” list! See the picture below! 🙂



Update soon!



Any thoughts?

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