Wish List Wednesday: Wardrobe

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I basically have the worst wardrobe ever.

I love clothes. Really, I do. I enjoy looking at outfits and I enjoy thinking about putting them together. But I have seriously been slacking in the fashion department since I started teaching preschool.

The dress code at my job is pretty casual, and since I’m the kind of teacher who gets right down on the floor with her kids and runs around with them on the playground, I tend to wear extremely comfortable and frequently over-sized clothes.

I also really have a lot of boy’s super hero t shirts floating around my closet, because I am a child.

Anyway, I thought for today’s post I would create a miniature dream closet. Maybe if I start reminding myself enough of the clothes I like to wear, I’ll start working a little harder on my appearance!

modcloth houndstooth


1. Coach Tour Dress in Houndstooth, Modcloth $47.99

I am originally from Alabama, dear readers. I went to high school in Tuscaloosa, and I absolutely love Alabama football. So of course houndstooth is a staple in my wardrobe anyway. Beyond that, I think that houndstooth is very classy and extremely classic. I would love to add this cutie to my closet.


lavender shirt

2. Knot Your Average Tee in Lavender, Modcloth $27.99

When I go shopping, I tend to stick with solid color shirts. They don’t really ever go out of style, and it’s very easy to layer and create new ensembles with them. That being said, this shirt is a notch above the basic solid tee.


purple dress


3. Petal to the Meadow Dress, Modcloth $47.99

I absolutely adore dresses. They’re easy and fun, and can be made either casual or dressy very easily. Purple was one of my wedding colors, and so purple clothing always catches my eye.


old navy jacket



4. Women’s Peter Pan Collar Wool-Blend Coats, Old Navy $29.97 

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but yellow is my favorite color. It’s cheerful and refreshing, two of the things you need most in January (which, in my opinion, is the most depressing month of the year). This coat is adorable!


Now that I’ve daydreamed about these dreamy additions to my closet, I think I’ll go and pick out something decently fashionable to wear tomorrow. Good night!





Any thoughts?

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