Ten Thoughts Thursday: Oh the Thinks You Can Think!

1. Dr. Seuss is on my brain. We have over a month til we celebrate his birthday at work but I have the whole day planned already!

2. David and I have played Resident Evil for hours this week. I think I have found my new addiction.

3. I have absolutely no tolerance for waiting in line and tomorrow I have to go to the bank. Yikes!

4. As much as I love cold and rain and being cozy with my space heater, even I am ready for a break. I miss wearing open toed shoes!

5. I made chili last weekend with Maddie, and I am making it again this weekend. I am way too excited.

6. As soon as I can, I am buying a new pair of glasses and giving contacts a REST. My poor eyes.

7. I paper cut myself on my left hand today. I am already having issues with that hand hurting this week, so this just adds insult to injury.

8. We have actually kept the kitchen and bathroom AND  living room clean this week!! Amazing, right?! The porch and the bedroom, disaster areas. But progress is progress.

9. I have had a very good week with my kids, but I feel like the week has actually been 8 or 9 days long. The days are dragging by.

10. I made a private resolution that I would give up iced coffee for the month of January. I am proud to share that next week is February and not even a sip of iced coffee has passed my lips. And in all honesty, I have barely even missed it. So I guess I won’t be rewarding myself with one on February 1st! Goodbye, one bad habit! I wonder what I can swear off for February…



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