Movie Monday: What am I Watching?

As you know, I just love movies. David and I have a ridiculous movie collection. It’s beginning to rival my book collection, which is pretty serious.

I thought I’d talk a little bit about what I’ve been watching lately, both in the theaters and at home.




Mama was recently released in theaters, and Maddie, my sister-in-law, and I have been waiting to see it for months since we saw the first trailer back in October. The first weekend it was out, we went to a Sunday matinee to check it out. I’ll be totally honest here and say that for me, it wasn’t that scary. There were definitely scary moments, but once you got used to seeing Mama, she wasn’t scary. That being said, the story was very interesting. Two little girls were abandoned in the woods for five years, with no guardian (aside from Mama, that is). Watching them build a new life after being rescued and how they adjusted to the world again was fascinating.  I would definitely watch this one again.

resident evil retribution


As I have already mentioned, David and I got the new Resident Evil video game last week, and we have been pretty obsessed with it ever since. I’ve been sick this weekend, so when I finally got burned out on playing the game and wanted to have lazy Sunday movie day, we pulled out the most recent installment of the  Resident Evil series. This is probably my favorite movie out of the series. Mainly because Leon is my absolute favorite character from the video games. (My other favorites, in case you are interested, are Chris Redfield and Barry Burton.)



This is one movie that for some reason, I never saw in theaters. I didn’t watch it until I moved in with my pledge sister Madelyn, and rented it to watch in the first few weeks we lived together. I absolutely love this movie. It’s one that I can definitely watch over and over again. Even though I pretty much know it backward and forward, it never fails to make me jump at least once each time I watch it.

pitch perfect


Let’s be honest with each other here. I love cheesy music/dancing movies. It has to be absolutely awful for me to not enjoy any kind of movie involving dancers or singers (note that this is not necessarily the same as a musical, but I love those as well). Anyway, Pitch Perfect is no exception. It’s got some cheese, and it’s got one moment where I closed my eyes and muttered, “Are you freaking serious?!” to myself the first (and second) time I watched it. Even so, I will probably be adding this movie to my DVD collection. It’s just adorable, and so funny.


That’s about all the time I have for today, guys. I need to get moving on my workout for the evening, and my kitties are rubbing my ankles, kindly reminding me that it is past dinner time for them!

Until then,



Any thoughts?

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