My Baby Sister

Surprise! No wish list today. I’m missing my family in Florida today, so I thought I’d take this post to tell you about someone who is very important to me- my little sister, Abbey.

Yes, her name is Abbey, too. No, my parents did not name her after me, although that would be an awesome story. She’s actually my stepsister, but I have never, ever referred to her as such. She’s simply my little sister, who has been in my life since I was fourteen. She’s nine years younger than me, and we couldn’t be more different in almost every way.

Where I am quiet and introverted, my sister is outspoken and always on the go. I was in musical theatre in high school, love books, and cuddle with at least two cats every night; Abbey is a cheerleader, loves sports, and our family dog Buddy sleeps with her every night. I wear almost no jewelry and though my nails are almost always painted, I have had two manicures in my life; Abbey never takes her Tiffany rings off and gets a fresh manicure regularly. I fully embrace my pale, fair skin, and my sister practically lives at the beach and has the perfectly bronzed skin to show for it.

All our differences lie between us, and yet you couldn’t find a big sister who loves her baby sister more. In high school, I loved taking my sister everywhere with me. I took her to the zoo in Birmingham all the time, and I can’t even begin to count how many movies and McDonald’s trips we made. I was in college when my family moved to Florida, and I have missed much of my sister’s growing up. I regret that I haven’t been able to witness so many important occasions in her life, but I am so glad that now she is old enough for us to be sisters and friends. I look forward to growing even closer to her as time goes on.

I’ll close with some pictures of my sweet sister from over the years. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Cats 2006

April 2006. This is when I was in Cats my senior year of high school. Abbey wanted me to give her a cat face so she could match me. Melt my heart. 🙂

zoo 2006

Christmas 2006

New Years


Graduation 2011


I love you Abbey, so much! Miss you!



Any thoughts?

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