Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. I redecorated my classroom calendar for the spring and I love it.


2. I am really getting the hang of scrunchy borders! They are super easy but I have a hard time not scrunching them too much and using up my crepe paper all in one spot.


3. Scrunchy border tutorial: I tear off about two feet of crepe paper at a time, fold it accordion style, and then crumple it up. Unfold and staple to your bulletin board! You could also tape or use push pins, but stapling is the easiest method.

4. Nyquil at 6 pm was a poor choice.

5. Pocahontas is really intense if you haven’t mentally prepared yourself for how intense it is. I cried today when Kocoum died. 😦

6. I really, really need to do dishes. It’s getting critical.

7. I just tried to skip ahead to 8. Oops. This week needs to be over.

8. The last time I tried to make Kool-aid play doh it was an extreme failure. I want to try again. Does anybody have a better recipe?

9. I bought new candles today in Glade’s new spring scents. I am getting a touch of spring fever.

10. I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day! I already got started on my classroom decor.


Happy Thursday!



Any thoughts?

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