New Month, New Goal!

So I mentioned in a previous post that for the month of January I gave up iced coffees. Last fall I got pretty addicted to caramel frappes from McDonald’s and Burger King, and once I figured out how to make my own in my Keurig, it was all over. And by that I mean my waist line.


Anyway, I decided that 2013 was to be the year of health and happiness, and a smaller waist line. I made a private promise to myself that for the whole month of January I would go without my iced coffee. I didn’t tell anybody or put it on this blog because I wanted to prove it to myself first. 

So today is February 1, and I have not had a single sip of one since December 31. I don’t miss them, and even though I told myself I could get one today if I wanted it, I opted out. I am so excited by breaking that addiction, minor though it was, that I decided to challenge myself again in February. But this time, I’ll let you guys in on the plan. And I am making it a little harder on myself this time.

For the whole month of February, I am giving up candy and eating at work. Let me explain. When I take naps on my lunch break, which is probably 2-3 times a week, I wake up craving candy. Specifically, sour candy. And unfortunately, more often than not, I succumb to the cravings. Also, my eating habits at home are really not so bad. I don’t keep a lot of junk food in the house, so I don’t snack that much. I just need to stock up on some healthier dinner options. The issue is eating at work. There’s always some kind of delicious treat sitting around on the counter, and what are you going to do? Eat it. Obviously.

Or… NOT. I’m making it my goal in February to abandon eating at work. (The exception to this rule is if I bring my own food from home.) But the snacking and picking days are over. 

Wish me luck!



Any thoughts?

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