Ten Thoughts Thursday

Ten things that made me happy today!

1. My wonderful boss gave me two end tables for our apartment. She’s so generous and thoughtful that way.

2. We had Show and Tell today, and all the kids applauded for each other after each person shared their toy.

3. I washed all my dishes on my lunch break today.

4. I have worked my way to season 5 of One Tree Hill, my current Netflix obsession. I love that every single night my dear friend JGar and I chat on Skype while I watch the show. She’s watched the entire series through several times, and she enjoys hearing my first time viewing commentary.

5. My right ear has been stopped up for four days because I’m still fighting off this head cold. Today, it FINALLY unstopped itself!

6.  I finally got to take my kids outside on the playground, and even though we all had to wear jackets, the fresh air felt so good. 

7. David and I probably have the cutest cats in the world. As I sit typing this, Alice is half on, half off David’s belly and dead asleep. Oliver is on top of the radiator beside this couch with his paws over his eyes. Merri is on her back curled into a C beside my feet, and Sunny is chasing her tail. Perfect kitties.

8. Today is the last day of the ab challenge Chelsey and I have been doing. I’m really glad we did it, and I’m proud we stuck to our guns. But I’m also glad that we can move on to a new challenge now!

9. I just lost all train of thought because one of my favorite minor characters on One Tree Hill just showed up out of nowhere after being gone for several seasons.

10. Alice just figured out how to open the door to the porch. My cats are so brilliant.

Tomorrow’s Friday! Woohoo!



Any thoughts?

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