Wish List Wednesday: Health and Fitness Edition

Hey, guys!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday. I just got home from church and am setting up my living room to get started on my workout for the evening. I have mentioned before that my best friend (in real life, not just in blog life) Chelsey have been working on a lifestyle change this year. We have become accountability partners and are working toward several goals for the year. This includes weight loss, of course, but we are working on becoming more healthy all around, which means more than just a diet. I am proud to say that she and I have really stuck with it and made some great progress.

Anyway, since I have really started to become addicted to working out and whatnot, I have spent an unusual amount of time daydreaming about adding some new things to my gear, including both clothes and equipment. For some reason, if I’m ever feeling uninspired to work out, putting on some of my jazzier workout clothes immediately puts me in the mood. Of course, having new equipment to use does the same thing. Here is a little list of things I would love to add to my collection soon!

New Balance Shoes


1. New Balance Minimus Zero Trail Running Shoes

If I’m being totally honest, I don’t really need a new pair of running shoes just yet. The New Balance shoes I have now are just fine. But a girl can dream, and dreams are free. Therefore, in my visions of myself exercising I am sporting these cuties.

Nike Water Bottle

2. Nike Lightweight Hand-Held Running Water Bottle 

One of the biggest pains in the world, to me, is having to hold my keys when I go to the park. I’m working on becoming a better runner, and so I really don’t like having anything extra to carry around- it just distracts and exasperates me. This water bottle comes with a perfect little pocket for small storage.



3. lululemon Rise and Shine Pull Over 

I don’t really have much in the way of outerwear for working out. It’s still extremely windy and cold in Mississippi right now, so running at the park without a jacket or a sweatshirt is just not going to happen. I love the shade of green for this pull over.


There are many more things on my list, but I am ready to get up and get moving, so I will close for tonight. See you guys next time!





Any thoughts?

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