Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. A cold, wet cat nose is currently pressed into the back of my left hand as I type this. Oliver literally has not been more than a foot away from me since I got home two hours ago.


2. Yes, that picture includes a close up of drool spots on my chest. Oliver is a happy drooler during our cuddle times.

3. One of my favorite characters on One Tree Hill just got engaged, and now a happy music montage is playing, accompanied by my sniffles.

4. I made an impulse decision last weekend to return my hair to its previous dark, almost black color before I started experimenting and going red. I am SO happy I did. I feel so much more like myself with my dark dark hair.


5. Sometimes I amaze myself with the weird “teacher” things that I say to my kids. I have a major problem with getting tongue-tied and/or losing my train of thought while disciplining my kids. Example: my kids were rolling around in the floor and generally making a ruckus while I got lunch ready. I turned to them and said “If you can’t be still and wait patiently together, then you can all sit by yourselves….separately…and be quiet.” What??

6. For those of you that are not my real-life friends, David’s sister, Maddie, and her husband Cole have just found out they are having a baby. We are all so excited! This will be their first child and the first grandchild on this side of the family!

7. I really don’t love scarves. Or turtlenecks. Or mock turtlenecks. These dislikes are not fashion choices. Rather, I can’t stand the feeling of anything on my neck. Necklaces even bother me if they are too heavy.

8. I really would love to have a movie marathon Sunday after church. I’m feeling some Brat Pack movies!

9. Thank the Lord tomorrow is Friday. I am so sleepy. There haven’t been many naps in this household this week. And I am fond of naps.

10. I am closing now because I am the hungriest person alive and I need to get food in this belly!



Any thoughts?

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