Movie Monday: TV Edition

I hear you, dear readers. Television shows are not movies. You are correct, but answer me this: how else can I write about my favorite TV shows and still stick with an alliterative theme for the day?

So if you’ll forgive my inaccuracy in favor of alliteration, let’s carry on. I have been watching a lot of TV lately rather than movies. I thought today I would dedicate a post to the shows that have been on my rotation these past few weeks.

one tree hill


You guys probably knew this was going to be #1 on the list, right? It has basically dominated my life lately. One of my best friends, JGar, is a huge fan of the show, and I had literally no clue what it was about, but I usually trust her judgement. So one Saturday, I gave it a try on a whim. That was several weeks ago, readers, and I have never looked back. For a show that started out as a pretty run-of-the-mill high school drama, One Tree Hill grows and develops into a much bigger deal than that. It’s a show that brings the drama, but also brings some serious laughs, too. I will be hooked until I finish all 9 seasons (and I am on 8 now- sort of dreading the end).

vampire diaries


Oh, man. Talk about serious love for a show. David and I started watching this show on Netflix while season 3 was airing in real life, and we love it. Don’t let the obvious love triangle look of the posters turn you away- this show is not a thing like Twilight. The most important thing is that the girls are not helpless. They are smart and capable and pretty frequently rescue the guys from their various damsel-in-distress situations. The show occasionally goes heavy on the exposition, but even those episodes are fascinating. Give it a try!

Layout 1


Oh, my word. You guys, I love this show. Last fall, after David and I finished Lost on Netflix, we were totally at loose ends. We couldn’t seem to find anything to compare to the love we had for Lost. We tried about ten different shows and none of them lasted more than an episode or two. Finally, we tried the pilot of Grey’s. I won’t lie to you- we didn’t love it. The pilot is not the strongest episode of the show. But I talked David into trying a few more episodes, and by the third or fourth episode, we were hooked. This show also brings it in terms of drama and laughs, and also I now know a whole list of medical terms I didn’t before, so that makes me feel important. Win!

pretty little liars


I can feel some of you rolling your eyes as you read this. Don’t do it! I did the same thing when the show got started. Then, one weekend back when David and I first got engaged, I was sitting on the couch surrounded by ten million magazines and post its scribbled over with ideas. I cut on the TV for background noise, and there was a Pretty Little Liars marathon on TV. I shrugged and left it on, figuring I would tune it out soon enough. Within twenty minutes, I had stacked all my magazines up on the coffee table, wrapped myself in my comforter (this was before I had my wonderful Snuggie), and glued myself to the TV. The show is definitely a little ridiculous (mostly in term of wardrobe because who wears heels and full makeup to their SATs??), but if you can cut through some of the cheese, you have got a serious mystery show on your hands! Again, give it a try.


Happy Monday, everyone! I am going to heat up some chicken noodle soup and turn up One Tree Hill. See you next time!



Any thoughts?

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