The Positively Perfect Letter P!

We have had such a good week! It’s been drab and still chilly, a total letdown after a beautiful weekend in the 70s, but we’ve had so much fun in the classroom that it hasn’t seemed to matter!

Our letter this week is “p.” We started with a color sheet of a pirate on his ship, and the kids loved growling “Arr, matey!” at each other as they colored. An idea began to germinate Monday.

Tuesday our art project came from one of my favorite blogs, Mrs. Karen’s Preschool Ideas. If you are looking for preschool inspiration, please go visit her blog. She has some fantastic ideas and I look to her often when I am stumped! I used one of her older projects to create penguin art!



This is a pink and purple penguin with polka dots! Before we made the penguin, we practiced waddling like penguins and watched some videos on YouTube of penguins diving into the water. My kids LOVE that I occasionally find videos for them to watch to go along with our topic. (If you are going to do this, please screen your material first!)

Thursday, we did what is probably going to go down in the books as one of my favorite projects EVER. We took coffee filters and used markers to color them purple, green and blue. They were very excited to learn that this time, it was definitely okay to scribble! (I don’t get mad if my kids can’t stay in the lines, because they are only four and still developing motor skills. But I do emphasize to them that scribbling is not okay because you can’t see the picture if you scribble all over it!)

Anyway, when we finished, we put on our coats and briefly went outside for the next part of our project. I clothespinned their filters to the fence and we used a water bottle to spray the filters so the colors would run.


After these dried, we cut them into four sections and glued them to the tail of the peacock body we had colored earlier that day! P is for Peacock!


I thought this turned out beautifully! They loved it.

Friday was our big day! I took their enthusiasm from Monday’s pirate color sheet and ran with it. First, I went to Dollar Tree and rounded up a bunch of happies for “treasure.” I found some old things in my desk from Valentines Day and tossed it all in a box together for pirate booty.

Then I made a “treasure map.” Please do not laugh at my artistic ability.


This was also my first attempt at making “antique” paper. I painted the paper with coffee after I drew the map, and baked it at 250 for 7 minutes. I burned part of the corner off before I chickened out and blew the fire out, so it isn’t as cool as I wanted it to be. But what can you do? I tried!

Today, we made pirate hats and chanted “Yo ho ho!!” all morning, then we followed our map to the treasure! It was so great to see their faces. 🙂 They thanked me profusely and when their parents arrived, my kids showed them all the treasure they found. I love that they are so enthusiastic- it makes it way easier to come up with all kinds of crazy activities for them to do ! If they weren’t so excited for all of our games and projects, I don’t know if I would spend so much energy working on things for them!

What a great week! I hope yours was, too!



Any thoughts?

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