Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. Why do stomach bugs have to exist? I have just gotten over my fourth one of this school year, my third since Christmas. It’s probably one of the worst feelings in the world.

2. I love when I wake up and find all the cats in the bed with me. I know a full size bed has its limitations, and so it is a little cramped. But it makes me happy anyway.

3. My kids had their Easter egg hunt today. Usually this means they act absolutely insane, as if they have all had ten Red Bulls. This time, they were absolutely perfect. One of mine didn’t find any eggs. Usually, this would mean a meltdown. Today, two of my others handed him several of their eggs without a second thought. They amaze me.

4. One of my others wasn’t feeling well today and was near tears while we got ready for naptime because she was so tired. I bent down to give her a few cuddles, and when I looked up one of my others was approaching from across the room. She had gotten candy out of her Easter basket to cheer the other girl up. I cried immediately, of course.

5. One of my boys had a quick visit from his mom today during our Easter party. She was dropping off some goodies and could only stay a moment. He cried when she left, and two of my girls ran to him to hug and comfort him. One even ran to get him a tissue. What has prompted them to be so kind today, I don’t know. I am LOVING it, though.

6. I am about to start downsizing on the clutter in our home. It’s beginning to seem like our apartment is shrinking, and there can only be one reason for that- I am a packrat. David is too, but I think I am actually much worse than he is. So this weekend, spring cleaning is definitely happening. I can’t wait! 

7. I went through a period after my mother passed where I held on to everything she had ever touched, basically. Shirts I would never wear and that weren’t significant, books I would never read, and so on. It took five years for me to be willing to part with some of that stuff. Now, aside from the teapots that were hers, I have confined most of the things I kept into one box. It includes a pink bathrobe. I have long toyed with the idea of having it made into a teddy bear. I won’t ever wear the bathrobe, and it seems kind of silly to just leave it taking up space in a box. But I’m not 100% sold on the idea. Thoughts?

8. Many pictures in frames and scattered throughout the house on display, or a few special pictures on display and the rest in albums? I’m torn.

9. Is a cat’s purr one of the best sounds in the world or what? I love it.

10. I love ginger ale more than you could ever know. Yummmm.

Tomorrow’s Friday! Woohoo!



Any thoughts?

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