Teapot Tuesday: A Birthday Set





I got this stunningly beautiful set from my Nanny. She is my stepmom’s mother, but just as I think of my stepmother as my mother, my Nanny is simply that- my Nanny. She has never treated me as anything less than her own family, even when I am a dunce and forget to call her as often as I should. 

With my Nanny and Grandfather at our wedding.

With my Nanny and Grandfather at our wedding

During my wedding planning, my Nanny was one of my best sidekicks. I e-mailed her pictures of wedding dresses, we brainstormed on wording and designs for the invitations, and she and my grandfather drove down for a wonderful, memorable weekend of wedding planning and went with me to meet with photographers, possible venues, and our caterer and florist. She always keeps up with what I’m doing with my students, and is always available if I need her. I’m not always a great granddaughter (I’m terrible at keeping in touch), but she is always an awesome, supportive grandmother.


Thank you for loving me even when I don’t deserve it! You are the best. I hope we can see you soon. I miss you so much! 


Thanks for stopping in today, guys! I am going to hurry up and get this workout in for the evening and then hop in bed early.

See you next time!





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