Road Rage Rant

I am having a bad Monday.

It was a great day this morning, and it was a great day this afternoon. This evening is pretty great, too. But do you know how one person or one action can get under your skin and wriggle around there and ruin your entire day?

That’s my life today.

Today, I was driving back to work from my lunch break. I had a few extra minutes, so I decided to stop at the gas station and pick up a bottle of water to take back to work with me for the afternoon. I waited in line at a four-way intersection red light. The person in front of me was going straight, and I needed to turn right to get to the gas station. There is no right turn lane at this intersection. I cut on my right blinker to signal cars behind me.

The light turned green, and I began to turn. Suddenly, I realized there was a car beside me, squeezed into the teeny space between me and the curb attempting to make a right turn. HELLO, I WAS ALREADY TURNING RIGHT AND YOU ARE GOING TO T-BONE ME. I immediately hit my horn and pulled ahead of them, while this car had to pull off onto the curb to keep from hitting me. 

After I got through the turn, I had to pull into the gas station parking lot and steady my shaking hands. You guys, that is really, truly dangerous. I have always had a pet peeve about people trying to make a right turning lane when there isn’t actually a lane there. If there isn’t a right turn lane, then there is no way to determine if all the people in line in front of you are actually going straight. Of course, it would help if you noticed that the blinkers are on (as mine was), but still. It’s just not safe. Besides, how much time are you shaving off by squeezing into that imaginary lane you just invented for yourself? Probably not enough to even matter.

Better safe than sorry, readers. Thankfully, I was not hit (and also, surprisingly, did not receive any obscene finger gestures or worse) in the incident today, but it could have been much, much worse. Please don’t be so impatient to reach your destination that you put the rest of us or yourselves in danger. 



Any thoughts?

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