Ten Thoughts Thursday:Things I LOVE

1. Orange slice candy. The kind you get 2/$1 at gas stations. Commonly known as “old-lady candy,” at least among people with whom I have shared my love of orange slices. They are a go-to comfort treat for me.

2. Rainbow sherbert with gummy bears, specifically from Baskin-Robbins. I have eaten this stuff since I was a little kid when my mom would take me out for a treat. A lot of people turn their noses up at the combination- you shouldn’t.

3. Diet Mountain Dew. I know, I know. I have cut back on my intake, but I cannot abandon it completely.

4. Lemons. Lemon-flavored things, lemonade, and actual lemon slices (my dad and I eat them peel and all). DELICIOUS.

**Can you tell I am extremely hungry while I am writing this post?!**

5. Yellow nail polish.

6. Clear glass bottles/vases. They were the main part of my wedding decor, and they are still all over our apartment. They are stunning on their own or serving as a vase for flowers.

7. Sundresses.

8. My Cherry Fun Dip flavored chapstick I got at Christmas.

9. Front porches.

10. Polka dots.


Thank the Lord, tomorrow is Friday. I have not been sleeping well this week, and I am definitely feeling the extra hours I have worked this week. I need a break!



Any thoughts?

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