Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. I am halfway through Season 2 of Teen Wolf, and I cannot tear myself away. I am watching it on my lunch break right now, and I keep getting distracted from writing this post because my eyes are glued to the screen.

2. The credits for Teen Wolf are my favorite part of the show. FAVORITE. Check it out!

3. I have not taken Biotin in about two weeks, and I feel like my hair is going to shrivel back up and become short again if I don’t get some soon! I can really tell a difference in my hair now that I have been taking it for about eight months!

4. I truly believe that hard-boiled eggs might be the worst food in the world. I’m sorry if you like them, readers, but I just…. oh, I can’t handle them.

5. Today is my sweet David’s birthday. I can’t wait to get off work tonight and spend some time with him!!

6. Sunny is currently digging at the edge of the cats’ food bag. She is definitely going to tear it open and spill food all over the floor at any moment, and yet I cannot bring myself to get off the couch and go shoo her away from it. I have settled for half-heartedly hissing “SUNSHINE!” at her (this is her full name, obviously. 😉 ) She looks at me for a few seconds, then goes back to digging.

7. My kids and I made kites for the letter “K” yesterday, and I completely forgot to help them make tails for the kites (we were supposed to wait for the glue to dry before we added them). So anyone who took their kites home yesterday probably was extremely confused. Oops.

8. I need a nap. I might be going to take a cat nap after I finish this post.

9. I just yelled, “OH NO!!!!!” at my television. I get really invested in my shows.

10. I can’t find my sunglasses, and I really hope they suddenly jump out at me before I go back to work this afternoon. Otherwise the playground will be torture.


Tomorrow’s Friday!!!




Any thoughts?

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