April Cara Box Reveal

Cara Box Button

This month, I participated for the first time in the Cara Box exchange, hosted by Wifessionals. I absolutely loved the exchange, and I plan to continue participating in it in the future!

The theme for the exchange this month was “go green,” in celebration of Earth Day, meaning that our gifts should be environmentally friendly and natural. I was paired up with two wonderful girls, Nicole over at First Comes Love and Brittany from Inspired Panda. I sent a box to Nicole, and received mine from Brittany on Monday.

I was ecstatic to come home on my lunch break and find my package sitting by the mailboxes!


Brittany did not disappoint at all in her goodies for me! I could tell she really paid attention to what I said in my e-mails and made an effort to get to know me through my blog as well!


This is a tea towel from The Heated. These are printed with non-toxic ink. And yes, that is a picture of a little kitty with a remote control mouse. If that’s not hilarious, I really don’t know what is.


I’ll be honest- I haven’t had a chance to try the tea yet. I am going to try it as soon as possible, though. I’m so excited to try all three, and the chocolate one is especially interesting. Below is a look at the ingredients for it. I can pronounce every one of those words- definitely a natural product!



The book is absolutely hilarious. I haven’t read all the way through it, but I actually laughed out loud several times when I paged through it initially. I can’t wait to sit down with some chocolate tea and read more! =)


I was so surprised and pleased by this gift. It’s a rock that Brittany hand-painted for me with the name of this blog, as well as pictures of my cuddle cats. How incredibly thoughtful of her, to take the time to study the pictures of my kitties and paint this just for me.


Along with my lovely gifts, Brittany sent me a sweet note of encouragement. It was so nice to read her words, and I just love getting hand-written mail. I look forward to keeping in touch with Brittany and following her blog!

Be sure to check over at First Comes Love to see my Cara Box for Nicole!

Thanks for hosting this exchange, Kaitlyn! I truly enjoyed it and I intend to keep participating! =)



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