Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. As soon as I finish this post, I plan to immediately write my Cara Box Reveal post. I will explain in full detail in the following post, but I encourage all of you, bloggers or not, to check out this awesome exchange! It was so fun!

2. I’m watching The Avengers with my hottie husband right now. I also wore my Avengers t-shirt to work today. Apparently there’s a theme today.

3. Thor and Hawkeye are my favorite Avengers, with Black Widow and Captain America alternating for third.

4. The light bulb in the floor lamp of our living room blew. Rather than replace the bulb (which means a trip to the store), I brought my bedside lamp to the living room. I’m scared of the dark, so this means when I went to bed last night I had to run at top speed through a pitch black room and do a belly flop onto the bed.

5. I have recently discovered that I adore almonds. Who knew?

6. I have grown addicted to working out, specifically weight training. I love my hand weights. I love seeing the definition in my arms these days. It’s a good feeling.

7. One true fault I have as a teacher is that I have absolutely no patience for whiny tattling. I am doing my best to work on that, but it is a real problem for me.

8. Hot dogs completely disgust me. I apologize, readers, if you enjoy them. I have never liked them.

9. It’s so interesting how your tastes change. When I was little, I loved few things as much as I loved ham and mustard sandwiches. I am still a mustard fan, but I don’t eat cold cuts and I’m not really a sandwich person anymore (which the exception of grilled cheese sandwiches, because duh).

10. I consider myself to generally be a very tolerant person. But I am really thinking about walking outside and telling whoever is singing at top volume outside to shut up. I do have feet of clay, you guys.

Take a look at my Cara Box Reveal post and consider signing up for next month!



Any thoughts?

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