Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. Well, it finally happened. My allergies/sinuses/immune system in general have not acted up this entire time that spring has been coming. I have been hoping that I could get through to summer without catching a cold, but it is not to be. Cue the soundtrack of sniffles and hacking coughs.

2. A week from today David and I will be on our way to visit my parents in sunny Florida! I can’t wait. We didn’t get to take a honeymoon, so this is really the first trip we have ever taken together. It will also be my David’s first time on a plane!

3. My friend JGar is working her way through Grey’s Anatomy as I did last fall, and just like when I watched One Tree Hill after she did, she texts me every night with updates and commentary on whatever episode she is on at the time. I love it, because she and I have the same opinions on everything that happens. It cracks me up to hear her echoing all the things I said to David while he and I were watching the episodes for the first time. I can’t wait for her to get caught up so we can watch the current episodes together!

4. I am almost positive I am developing carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand/wrist. 😦

5. I have thought at least six times that today was Friday rather than Thursday. Siiiiiiiiigh. Come on, weekend!

6. I have a hankering to go hiking again this weekend. I hope I can talk David into taking a little road trip with me so we can explore nature again!

7. If it rains this afternoon while my kids are on the playground, I will probably cry. They have not been bad today, but they really need some time outside to run off all that energy!

8. I can’t wait to go see Iron Man 3 this weekend!! If I’m being honest, Iron Man is not my favorite of the Avengers, but I am still really looking forward to the movie!

9. I hope nobody is paying too much attention to my fingernails and toenails. I need a polish job in the worst way.

10. I cannot for the life of me think of a “B” topic for my new ABC series. Here’s hoping I come up with something by tonight!



2 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Thursday

  1. B is for Brittany?! I miss you so much. You need to see your niece ASAP. She misses you. Also, you know we’ve already got our tickets for IM3…in IMAX! It’s gonna be the best date night since lil bit arrived. Call or text or Skype me soon.

    • I miss her too. And you even more. Skype…Sunday?! I have to babysit all day tomorrow so I’ll be out of pocket. But after church Sunday I am freeeeee.

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