ABCs of Me: D is for DON’T!!

I have had such a great day! I spent most of it baby-sitting four boys from our school- three are brothers, and the other was one of my other kids who also needed a sitter, so I just kept all of them together. It was a blast, and I hope we get to do it again soon.

Anyway, today’s letter in my alphabet series is D, and today I thought I’d make a list of things that I just… don’t…. do. Not things I don’t like to do, but things I absolutely, no way no how, don’t do.

1. Eat raw tomatoes. You just don’t know. Tomatoes in soup or spaghetti sauce are delicious, and even ketchup is okay. But raw tomatoes? Nope. Not gonna happen.

2. Go to sleep without some kind of alarm for the morning. Even on my “sleep in” days, my alarm is always set to make sure I don’t waste the entire day sleeping.

3. Sleep in socks. I don’t care how cold it is, or how frosty frozen my toes feel. I will not ever sleep in socks. I roll myself up into my blankets like a little Abby burrito every night during the winter, but I can’t stand the feeling of my feet being closed in while I’m trying to sleep.

4. Drink beer. I am not at all opposed to having a drink on occasion, and I am quite fond of Moscato. But beer? I just can’t do it.

5. Complain about or refuse food at someone else’s house. One of the first big lessons I remember from my childhood is my mother’s rule about eating at someone else’s house. She said if you are there to eat dinner, you don’t tell them that you don’t like whatever it is. You eat at least a little bit of it, and thank them for feeding you. That has never ever left my head. Every time I went on sleepovers or just to hang out at someone else’s house and dinner was served, I at least tried whatever it was and complimented whoever cooked the meal. (I realize that I have no food allergies and so this is easier for me than other people. I will not be mad at you if you come to my house and can’t eat my cooking. It’s just a personal thing.)

6. Remain calm around a bee or wasp. I am 25 years old, and I am perfectly aware that usually if you leave a bee or wasp alone, it leaves you alone, too. But when I see a bee soaring around my head or a wasp creeping around the corners of a porch railing, I full-on panic, even it it’s only on the inside. They scare me to death.


That’s all for today! It’s chilly outside tonight, so I’m going to make a little Sleepytime Tea and watch movies with David until bedtime. Good night!





2 thoughts on “ABCs of Me: D is for DON’T!!

  1. Sometimes I think we are the same person. I used to hate raw tomatoes, and I’m still not 100% fond of them, but I’ve learned to enjoy them on salads. But on sandwiches or burgers? Forget it. I also hate sleeping in socks. I don’t like the way the socks feel against the sheets. Does that make sense?

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