ABCs of Me: E is for Emily Giffin

I have previously mentioned that I love Emily Giffin, but now, as part of my ABCs of Me series, I will dedicate an entire post to my favorite author.

emily giffin 2


emily giffin


I first read Emily’s books in between my sophomore and junior years of college. I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life, and I was working as an RA for the summer when almost all of my friends had gone home for the summer. I borrowed the books- at the time, Heart of the Matter and Where We Belong had no been published yet- and I worked my way through all four in less than a week. I absolutely love her work. She writes about situations that seem black and white, but they just aren’t. 

I also love Emily Giffin because she is just such a normal person. I follow her on Twitter (and she follows me, too- SQUEAL), and I keep up with her on Facebook as well. She is funny and blunt, and she actually responds to posts from fans. I love that about her!

If you are interested in reading her work, read them in order of publication date. They aren’t part of a series, but characters peek their heads in the later books, and it’s awesome to be able to keep up with them as the books go on. My personal favorites are Something Blue and Love the One You’re With, but they are all wonderful.

I LOVE YOU EMILY GIFFIN. (P.S. I will definitely be tweeting at her about this in hopes she comes on over to The Happy Teapot to read it. Dorky as that might be.) 



Any thoughts?

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