ABCs of Me: I is for Interior Decorating

Although David and I are not ready to buy our first home yet, I love to dream about our future house… and of course, how to decorate it! My grandmother was an interior designer for years. I don’t necessarily think I inherited all of her talent for decorating, because I do tend to get a little overwhelmed by the idea of decorating an entire house. But I did inherit her love for pouring over magazines and gathering ideas for the future.

If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know about my massive “Future Home” and “Dream Home” boards. I thought today I would pick a few of my absolute favorite images of my favorite home decor.



I can’t even believe this gorgeous shower really exists. Talk about dreamy!

This one might technically be outside the house, but it still counts as interior decor, right? I wish, above all things, that I could give my cats everything that I see on the Internet. These special windows would make it so much easier for my cats to watch birds, squirrels, and all the other critters scampering around our yard.

Look at that brick! I can’t stand how much I want that in my own kitchen one day.


What are your interior decorating dreams? Tell me all about it!





2 thoughts on “ABCs of Me: I is for Interior Decorating

  1. That day will come when you and David will have that house. I was married 7 yrs before I got my first home. I use to love, and still do cut pics from magazines and tape them to paper and put them in a notebook. What is funny, you go back and look in a few yrs and your taste has changed….

    • I can even tell a huge difference from when we were registering for wedding gifts! Thank goodness I mostly registered for sensible things that wouldn’t go out of style!

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