Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. I have been working on reading The Outsiders for almost a week now, since the day we were flying back from Florida.  I am reading it very slowly because I just love the book so much that I don’t want to rush through it. (Although once I do finish it, I’ll probably just open it up and start again.)

2. In fact, I love The Outsiders so much that I felt compelled to post pictures of excerpts from it on Instagram.

The last few sentences of the passage above are my favorite part of the entire novel.

The last few sentences of the passage above are my favorite part of the entire novel.

This is actually a poem by Robert Frost that is quoted by Ponyboy, but it still felt Instagram-worthy.

This is actually a poem by Robert Frost that is quoted by Ponyboy, but it still felt Instagram-worthy.

3. My kids had their End of the Year party today. We went to a local park with a petting zoo, an area to feed fish, and more fun activities. I did manage to make it through the party without crying, but I did tear up later when talking with one of the kids’ mothers about the last week of school (which is NEXT WEEK).

4. I had a banana Laffy Taffy today, and I’m pretty sure my sense of humor has changed in the last five years. When I was 20-21 and read the jokes on the Laffy Taffy wrappers, they would always send me off into a fit of giggles. Now, however, I barely smirked.

5. One joke that I learned when I was in high school is still funny, though.

Q: What did one casket say to the other casket?

A: Is that you coffin?

HA. That actually didn’t come from a Laffy Taffy wrapper, though. A guy I was friends with in high school and part of college before we lost touch wrote it on his Xanga. Does anybody else remember Xanga?

6. I just tried to look up my old Xanga and discovered that I was a big ol jerk in high school. Not that I was mean to people (although that is probably true) but I was a melodramatic dumbass. See below:

“People who strive and toil and sweat and bleed and cry to pursue individual personalities bug me. Most of the time, they are pushing so hard to imitate their “individual” celebrity icon that they are actually imitating thousands of people just like themselves. I don’t try to be different. I just….am. If anything, I pushed so hard to conform in middle school that I drove myself away from conformity, and now I’m just Abby. I don’t have to shout my individualism from the rooftops to prove its existence.” -2006

“I have learned that I am not one of those people meant to be friends with everyone. I’m far too predisposed to spot every flaw. As such, I am not able to forget when people make a mistake or act in a way that hurts someone else. Thus, I am unable to keep that person as a true friend. Not that it matters. I’m slowly losing all my friends anyway.” -2005

7. I spent the last ten seconds staring blankly at my screen, wondering if in a few years I will be embarrassed about my posts here as I am about my Xanga posts. I really don’t think so, though. I never realized how much I have changed in the last few years, but apparently I am a completely different person now.

8. My schedule has been so off since Monday. I didn’t go into work until the afternoon, and so now I have had all my days mixed up. I thought yesterday was Tuesday all day, and I keep thinking today is Friday. All of this is wrong.

9. Saturday I am going to see my Chelsey! I can’t wait. We haven’t seen each other in six months. SIX MONTHS!!

10. I am going to finish The Outsiders and finish watching Stand by Me tonight, possibly simultaneously. It’s going to be a huge emotional sobfest. I can’t wait!




2 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Thursday

  1. After reading your 2006 Xanga post I thought to myself, “This sounds like something Joey or Dawson would say.” In regards to the 2005 post, I probably thought that to myself more than once. I hated everyone in high school, especially my senior year. I was destined for bigger and better things (so I thought) and I couldn’t wait to leave all those suckers behind.

    • Haha! Can you tell I used to tape every episode of Dawson’s Creek on VHS and watch it over and over again? Also, I really thought highly of myself. How embarrassing.

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