ABCs of Me: L is for LISA FRANK!

I am completely calling out to the girls my age in this post, or at least close to my age. I loved (and really, still do love) Lisa Frank products.

lisa frank logo

When I was younger, school supply shopping was absolutely my favorite thing to do, besides going shopping for books. I didn’t really wear a lot of makeup or care all that much about clothes when I was in elementary school (and I’m still not much for clothes shopping now- some things never change!). Nothing was as exciting to me as filling up a new trapper-keeper with paper and decorating a new pencil box. And sharpening a pack of new pencils!

Anyway, my all-time favorite school supplies were Lisa Frank supplies.

lisa frank

lisa frank 2

How can a grade-school girl resist this stuff? The colors are so vivid, and the animals are absolutely adorable. All the characters have back stories and likes and dislikes. It’s a whole world of kittens wearing halos and eating lollipops or unicorns dancing on rainbows or whatever. It’s completely magical, and I absolutely loved it. The company is still producing merchandise, and even though it makes me smile to see it in the store, the new stuff just doesn’t compare to the Lisa Frank supplies of my childhood. (That being said, I did buy a Lisa Frank coloring book for my girls to use during free time. They love it!)

Do you remember Lisa Frank? Do you remember it fondly, as I do?



P.S. Also, “L” is for Lost…. because I just cut on the pilot and I can already tell I am about to watch the entire series over again.




2 thoughts on “ABCs of Me: L is for LISA FRANK!

  1. I remember my grandfather bought stickers for my sister and me from the States and I never used them because they were just to pretty. We didn’t have Lisa Frank merchandize in the Philippines then and I am not sure if we have that now. I only knew about it because of the ads in the Archie comic books that my grandfather also bought for us in the States.

    • I never wanted to use my stickers either! I still have some of my old notebooks in storage somewhere. I loved how whimsical the art was! Who doesn’t love multi-colored leopard cubs eating gumdrops under the stars? =)

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