Our New End Table


As part of my 25 Before 26  resolutions, I started visiting some of the thrift stores in town in search of a new end table. I didn’t have a lot of luck at first, because the end tables were either too scratched up or just didn’t tickle my fancy. Finally, I remembered a teeny little shop close to our apartment, which is only open three days a week.

I wondered around aimlessly, and though I found many treasures, I didn’t find an end table. None of the tables in the front had price stickers, so I figured they were for display only.

Finally, as I was getting ready to leave, I asked the woman who worked there if she had any tables for sale. She said she had a few that she would consider selling.

The first one she showed me caught my eye instantly. When she told me she would take eight dollars for it, I blurted out, “I’ll take it!” before she could even finish the sentence.




It is in good condition, though it does need a paint job, which I intend to do soon now that it’s warmed up enough to spend the time outside to do the job. And of course, since I see tables as yet another surface to hold all my books and knick knacks, I have decorated my table with a few of my favorite things.






These coasters were a gift from one of my students for Christmas. They are handmade and I love them!


Have you found any good thrift treasures lately?



Any thoughts?

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