Weekend Picture Round Up!

Saturday, Chelsey and I met in Tupelo for the day. We started with a brainstorming session for our blogs. We’ve both been feeling a little lost with our blogs lately, and we want to re-focus our energy and get excited about blogging! I’m so happy to say that we bounced some wonderful ideas off each other, and I am thrilled to achieve some of the goals we made!

wpid-img_20130518_1820341 wpid-130518_00081


**Ignore that Chelsey’s name is spelled incorrectly on her coffee. We both suffer from having names with 5,691 different spellings so it happens often. I’m surprised mine wasn’t spelled wrong as well.**

We also stuffed ourselves with soup and salad at Olive Garden. Delicious! We strolled around the mall after that, and finished up the day with- surprise- even more talking at Barnes and Noble. Chelsey and I talk every single day through text and e-mail each other “love letters” pretty often as well. But there’s just nothing in the world like  sitting face to face with your bestie! I can’t believe it’s been six months since we’ve seen each other, but we promised it wouldn’t be so long until our next date!

wpid-130518_00101 wpid-130518_00121 wpid-130519_00051


I decided to branch out and sample a few new treats that I found at Kroger.


Salsa Picante Rice and Bean Chips- YUM!!! I burned my mouth and loved every second of it. 

Raspberry Roasted Almonds: Delicious, but very, very sweet. I could only eat two or three before I was done. The serving size is for 24, I believe, so 2-3 is totally acceptable. 

Spicy Chipotle Pita Chips- Pretty good, but not exceptional. 



Maddie and Cole came to visit us, and Maddie and I happened to be wearing our votes for her baby’s gender! Tomorrow evening is the gender reveal, so keep a look out for a picture explosion from that event!



David and I had an impromptu photo shoot in the car, and he did not take even one normal picture. Ah, well. (I also just realized that he was also wearing blue, which is his vote as well. I guess I’m in the minority!)



David and I made a tiny fort in the living room. We (I) didn’t feel like dragging all the blankets and sheets out of the closet, so we used what was readily available. We crawled inside it with the kitties and watched some movies. Then Oliver decided it was definitely safe to walk across and jumped on top of the fort… sending it crashing down around our heads. Sigh. I plan to surprise David sometime soon by having a huge, much more impressive fort ready when he comes home. This was fun, though! Why did I ever stop making forts?!

What did you do this weekend? Tell me about it!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Picture Round Up!

  1. I absolutely love the fact that y’all made a fort!! My husband and I have made a pAllet for movies, but maybe it’s time we go all out and make a fort! Thanks for linking up with MSWB!

    • The fort was so fun!! I think the secret to our marriage is not being afraid to just have silly fun together! Thanks for stopping by!

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