Tuesday Topics

I’m joining in a new link up today!


This one looks like fun! So here goes, ten things that make me happy!

David. Obviously. I am crazy, passionately, stupid in love with my sweet husband, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Even when he makes me mad, I would still rather talk to him than anyone else in the world.


The cats. Even though this could be four items, I’m lumping them into one. There is no feeling in the world like snuggling up to my love puffs and hearing their sweet purrs.

Reading. If I had my pick between being in a crowd of people and being alone with a book, you already know. Reading is absolutely my favorite activity of all time.

Orange slice candy. Old lady candy or not, I will devour a bag without thinking twice about it. Yummmm. 

Teapots. Obviously. They’re cute, they’re sentimental, and the possibilities for their decoration are endless.

Diet Mountain Dew. I know, I know. I can’t give it up completely, no matter how hard I try.

Moscato. Favorite adult beverage ever. 

Music. There is not anything in the world like hearing a song and it hitting you right where you live, because you’re experiencing the same thing in your life at the time.

Scalloped potatoes. Need I say more??

Glitter. I know it gets all over everything, and it’s completely impossible to clean, but I love glitter.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics

    • Oh my gosh. FAVORITE side dish ever. One time when we were both just craving comfort food, I made us both grilled cheese sandwiches and a pot of scalloped potatoes. We basically licked our plates clean!

    • I think it was my great grandmother that got me hooked. If I stop at the gas station before I go back to work in the afternoons, I almost always buy a bag of these. And end up sharing them with my students. Spreading the orange slice gospel! 😉

    • If I could, I would literally cover my entire classroom in glitter. I love it, and it’s SO fun in preschool. I have been trying for months to fully quit the Diet Mtn. Dew, but I can’t. I have cut it back to once a week, though. So at least I’m making some progress!!

Any thoughts?

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