I Might Be Crying… Just a Little.

Today was our last day of school!

Tomorrow, our grade school kids will be starting summer camp, so even though my kids will still be around, I won’t be their teacher. The threes and fours will combine into one class, and I will have the “big kids.” So this was our last day all together, even though it isn’t their last day with our school.

Got all that? 🙂

Even if it is a little premature, since this isn’t really goodbye yet, I have been fighting tears all day. I can’t stand that this is my last day with my babies. There has been something really special about this group of kids. As I have said before, I adored my first class. They were so special and dear to my heart, and they were so wonderful to me during my first year teaching. But I was so nervous that I don’t think I was able to really flourish.

This year, this group of kids, taught me everything. We quickly became a close-knit family. I allowed them to guide our lessons, as much as possible anyway. If they wanted to know about something, we stopped and looked it up. If they were interested in doing a science project, I got the supplies. I learned to let them take the reins, and that is one of the best things I could have ever done.

I am going to probably completely embarrass myself Friday with the amount of crying I will do. That’s the day when my kids will first start leaving- the kids whose parents are teachers will leave for summer that day, and the ones who are going to kindergarten won’t be back. There will be more hard days coming in the fall when the kids who stay for the summer camp program leave for kindergarten.

I am so proud of my kids for all that they’ve learned this year, and the children they became over the course of the year. They weren’t babies, but most of them were barely four when they entered my room. They were more prone to temper tantrums and to pouting spells. They didn’t know how to write their names, and most of them could say the days of the week, but didn’t really know what that meant. Now, my kids have learned what the title, title page, author, and illustrator of a book are. They can sound out words, they are learning to read, and they can tell you all about the weather, days of the week, and months of the year. They have always been smart, but they are beginning to truly show how smart they are. They don’t throw temper fits anymore, and they have learned to work with their friends as a team. I know they are going to leave me and do some wonderful things in the future. It kills me that I can’t go with them every step of the way, but I will stay behind and get the next group of wonderful kids ready to experience all that this class did over the past year.

I know they will go on to bigger and better things, and they will grow up and forget the little things we did, but I hope that all my students can look back and remember their time with me and smile.



Any thoughts?

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