Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. I’ve had issues with my left hand/wrist off and on for several months now, but over the last month it has gotten progressively worse. Over the last two days it has become constant pain, and I can’t stand it anymore. I thought initially it was the beginning of carpal tunnel issues, but I’m not really sure. I guess we’ll find out!

2. I received my Cara Box this week, and I am SO excited. If you aren’t familiar, check out Wifessionals and click the “Cara Box Exchange” tab at the top. Kaitlyn is just the cutest girl, and I love reading her blog. Cara Box Exchange is her creation, and I am so glad to have been participating in it! Stay tuned for a “reveal” post of my goodies from Ashley!

3.  As much as I love Sonic- and that’s a lot- I can’t get behind the Peanut Butter and Bacon milkshake on their summer menu. Has anybody out there sampled it? I just can’t imagine.

4. David and I have a very busy weekend ahead of us. We have a birthday party, a graduation party, possibly going hiking, and a friend of mine is possibly coming to visit! Busy bees. I’m glad we have a day off Monday to recuperate.

5. Icy Hot does nothing for possible carpal tunnel syndrome or whatever else this is going on in my hand. 😦 Ibuprofen doesn’t work, either.

6. Oliver is really into the Icy Hot. He keeps wandering by and sniffing my wrist, then rolling all over the couch. It’s very similar to how he acts when he smells catnip.

7. I have desperately got to get back to working out. I have been able to do some, but because of these hand issues, I can’t do my weight training and I miss it so much. 😦

8. Apparently, this is turning into a “whine about my hand” post. Sorry, guys. It’s just really excruciatingly painful tonight! Hopefully I will have some answers tomorrow.

9. David and I have been in the habit lately of holing up in the evenings and not going to visit anybody or having company over. It’s not that we don’t want to see anyone, but for whatever reason we have been attached at the hip lately. I know we need to spend time with his family and our friends, but I love that we enjoy each other’s company so much.

10. I would give a lot of money to have that Orange Dreamsicle milkshake from Johnny Rockets back again. That was just the most delicious thing I have had in months.


Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Woohoo!!!




2 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Thursday

    • Maybe, if you ever call me back to confirm!
      I am going to sleep now, so don’t call tonight. Haha =) But do confirm and tell me when you’ll be here!

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