Sunday Social


1. What is your favorite summer memory as a kid?

My favorite summer memories are those of my teenage years summers, spent with one of my best friends in high school, Annika. Before we could drive, one of us would walk to the other’s house every morning during the week and we would watch scary movies, give each other makeovers, and walk to the elementary school to swing on the playground. As we got older, we got jobs at McDonald’s, so most of our summer days were spent whining about cleaning baseboards or talking back and forth on the headsets!

2. What is your favorite summer drink?

I am drawing a blank on this one. I don’t think I drink anything more or less in the summertime than I do in cooler weather. Sorry, I’m boring. 😦

3. What is your favorite summer TV show?

I usually don’t have one, but this year Teen Wolf has a new season premiering in June, so that will be my addiction this year!

4. What is the best outdoor summer activity?

Is it boring if I say walking? I love going for walks at night in the summertime.

5. What are your summer vacation essentials?

Hmmm. Flip flops, sunglasses, and a book. As long as those 3 things make an appearance, I am pleased. =) OH. And lots, lots, lots of sunscreen. My pale skin is not an accident- I love and cherish it!



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