25 Before 26

My 25th birthday was in October 2012, and I decided to make a list of resolutions to accomplish before I hit 26 next year. I plan to blog about each experience as I mark my items off the list. When the item is stricken off the list, you can link to the post about the experience. Stay tuned!

1. Paint our coffee table.

2. Reach and maintain my goal weight.

3. Finish my book.

4. Replace our couch.

5. Grow my hair out.

6. Bake a cake from scratch for a special occasion.

7. Decorate for every season.

8. Go to the beach.

9. Go to a concert.

10. Attend a wedding.

11. Go on a date with my husband at least once a month.

12. Go visit my parents in Florida.

13. Go to the zoo.

14. Clean out our closets.

15. Attend a wedding or baby shower.

16. Go back to Columbus to visit my friends there.

17. Organize the junk closet and keep it clean.

18. Send flowers to someone for no reason.

19. Pay for someone behind me at the drive through.

20. Buy another end table.

21. Surprise David with a special gift.

22. Get all the cats new collars.

23. Master my sewing machine and make something that I’m proud of.

24. Host a gathering of some kind at our apartment.

25. Try a new recipe.


4 thoughts on “25 Before 26

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