Weekend In Pictures

This weekend, I got to dog-sit for a few of the cutest dogs in the world (including some two day old puppies. SQUEAL.)

imageimageimageDavid and I had a date night including Jurassic Park 2 and 3, and eating Banana Split ice cream directly out of the container.¬†imageSunday morning I spent some quiet time before church reading my favorite poet’s work.imageimageimageI spent some time snuggling the kitties, of course.imageimageAnd being watched over while I napped. Oliver pretends he doesn’t like to snuggle me, but here you see proof.imageI watched some awesome movies.imageI organized our DVD collection.imageAnd I swept the living room. Doesn’t sound like a huge accomplishment, but trust me, it was.image

Great weekend! Not really ready to go ¬†back to work tomorrow, but once I get there and see my kids I’ll perk right up!

Have a great night, everyone!